Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens

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Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jan 09 to Thursday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Got screwed on this deal a few weeks ago, drone came fast but BOTH batteries would not charge. Woot said “we’ll give you $20 off”, well no thanks, sending it back. The batteries are $25 EACH if you buy them on ebay. DON’T GET SCREWED, skip this deal!!

Bought one a few weeks back.
One battery dead out of the box. I’m trying to get it replaced from Parrot but they took 10 days to respond to the first message and wanted me to sacrifice a shrubbery, perform a rain dance and, eat 6 limes and coconuts before they would consider a replacement. Still no battery.
Since then, the drone video looks like something Mr. Magoo would enjoy. It was sharp and clear when I first got the drone but now, the video is out of focus and has a weird “wave” to it.
When I brought up the poor video quality to Parrot, they said it was probably a loose cable or a bent blade. Well, to get to the video cable, you have to cut the body off the drone and thus-voiding any warranty.
I’ve sent the video to Parrot and haven’t heard back. That was a couple of days ago.
It’s a great starter drone to get your feet wet. After you learn to fly/destroy it, buy a Phantom.

I bought this on Amazon for $129.00 a few weeks ago. As with many of the refurbished nine came with 2 batteries that were bunk. It only took one phone call and 4 days later they sent two brand new in retail packaging. The customer service there has actually been outstanding… Much to my surprise compared to what others have said. However, my experience was rather positive and if you’re looking for a sky controller check out eBay where they are or at least were selling them for $99

Try calling them. I got really good service on the phone. I was on hold for 45 min but once I had them they took time and handled everything. :+1:

I’m very sorry about the battery problem. Parrot is very willing to work with Woot customers.

Also, remember to give the battery a full charge on the first charge. Batteries are shipped completely drained for safety reasons.

We recently did considerable research on rechargeable batteries. The experts state that rechargeables should never be drained more than 10%, leaving them at 90% of full charge. Taking them below 90% causes damage to the battery. Old school was that you never charged a battery until it was fully drained due to hysteresis (battery memory) resulting in shortened use cycles of the charged battery.

Who is “we”? I am skeptical–especially so with copters like this where you only get a few minutes of fly-time, and 10% basically means “only ever take off and land”.

“We” didn’t do what I would call “considerable” research. There is a limit to what you can drain a LiPo battery to, typically around 3v per cell. They call them 3.7v cells, but fully charged they actually hold 4.2v. They only operate in the 4.2v to 3.0v range before they actually become physically damaged.

Typically, Parrot’s software shuts the aircraft down before undervoltage conditions are reached.

That said, they’re not shipping these batteries at a true 10% charge. They ship them in what’s called a storage state, which you can find on most quality battery chargers. It discharges the batteries down to a state where they’re much safer to transport, but not so dead they’re damaged.

On the topic of Parrot’s refurbished stuff, I too have received a bad battery or two. They’re good about replacing them.

Bought two from Tanga before Christmas, free shipping. Which was the ONLY deal. Sending them back. Dead batteries. Poor control.
Refurbed means USED after some other sap gets hosed.

I bought one of these refurbished bebops from woot and it came with 2 dead batteries. Sent it back for a refund and bought a brand new bebop for $50 more.

They had an issue with the batteries, That was the main reason for the bebop 2 which gives you a better stronger battery but they only give you one. If you were to buy this and add an upgraded aftermarket battery you will be happy

So far I don’t have a new battery after the hoops and time I’ve gone through. Furthermore, they have not bothered to address the video quality issue other than, “Upload a vide so we can see it”.

Pls contact our CS and let them know what you’ve tried. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.