Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens

Waste of $$. Bought the AR 2.0 Power Ed. a few months ago, flew it twice with my LG G4 before it lost signal only 20 feet (or less) away several times, kept going, and eventually crashed in water. Reviews say the Bebop does the same thing, so consider this a disposable toy…

get a 3DR solo for $299.

Amazon has the same model for $179.99 which ends up being $12.29 more expensive if you have Prime, HOWEVER, the price of the 2 year squaretrade accidental protection is $17.51 AND I got it the very next day. Overall a better deal for me. First impressions - batteries are weak, possibly with multiple long charges they may get better but I’d say ~5min is the limit. Good news is that there are aftermarket 1500-1600Mah batteries which make it up to ~12-13min.
Flight is easy overall but would be better with the SkyController.
Hey Woot - any chance you’ll have a deal on that soon?

Does anyone know ,since it has GPS, does it have the return home feature?

It does indeed but it is to be using with caution that the drone does not auto detect obstacles on the way home so only use when you’re within CLEAR line of sight with it.

The $20 Flight Plan add-on (in-app purchase) is a nice feature which allows to not only plan where the drone will fly but where it faces as well along its flight.