Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens

Does the app tell me the drone’s altitude while it is flying?

Will it give the corresponding altitude readings with the video that it produces, when it is downloaded, after flight?

Any help is appreciated.


The vendor replied to your questions with the following:

FreeFlight Pro is the official app for piloting the Parrot Bebop drone. More information on the app and all of the flight logs it provides can be found here:

As for flight overlay data on the video, the drone does not appear to be able to do this out of the box, but there are applications and methods to extend the functionality of the Parrot Bebop, as shown here:

Thank you! I will look at both. I have already purchased it, so these will be very helpful in getting what I need out of this item.

I am really surprised at what this can do. The app that runs it Freeflight pro) automatically graphs runtime, altitude And speed. The quality of the video is amazing and the controls are “dumbed down” enough for an inexperienced user to figure out.

I dislike this page a lot my first purchase and the item was oversold.They took the money out my account and now it will take up to 4 business day to go back and I won’t be able to buy my father a on time gift for fathers day . So I’m pretty piss :rage: