Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens

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Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone w/Fisheye Lens
Price: $114.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Bought last december for $150, one of the 2 batteries wouldn’t charge and the gps didn’t work.Opened a ticket with Parrot, in the meanwhile after leaving the drone outside about 6 times, just sitting, the gps started to work. Months later after a firmware update the gps stopped working again. I ordered a gps module, installed that, but the drone wouldn’t boot, so had to return the module. So after buying 2 aftermarket batteries i’ve got $200 invested but I have to fly without gps. The video looks pretty good though. Maybe the gps will magically start working again someday.

How do you fly it, assuming it doesn’t come with a controller and you use your phone? It says the app is meant to use with FPV glasses, but I’m not sure how you’d control it then.

Watch the video…

I had the same problem with one of my batteries. After searching the interwebs, I found a soulution that worked for me. I loaded my good battery into the charger and waited for the light to come on steady, indicating it was charging, then I quickly swapped the batteries in the charger and that was able to “jump start” the battery and enable it to take a charge.

Is there any option to pair it with an actual physical remote, or are we stuck with using a phone?


Oh lord. Three hundred bucks? You gotta be f*ing kidding me…

What is the flight time per battery charge?

The camera seems to point straight forward. Is there any way to take a picture looking straight down?

I get about 15/20 minutes max per battery.

Whether it’s an anime series or a drone, or anything else, with a name like Bebop, I’m not interested.

I bought this drone from woot for $150 refurbished. Well the GPS never work quite right and on its last flight for me, I set up different way points for it to travel, after the third way point it just flew off and I never saw it again. I look for days for it but could never find it. I also had issues with the battery and to buy extra.

Woot would not refund me the money and since I did not buy it from Parrot they would not refund me.


Or just $30 for one of these:

I tried that, if I remember right that’s how I got one of the batteries to work, but did’t work for the second.

I believe that’s for the BeBop 2, these are BeBop 1, I got about 6 minutes flight time.

I used something similar, holds the phone and gives you conventional controls, and using Ar Pro 3 app. The official expensive controller greatly boosts the wifi range, but you can buy inexpensive wifi repeaters to help your range.

The stationary camera is super wide angle and high res, it uses digital stabilization and you digitally pan it as well, even straight down.

It does not take pictures straight down, not the Bebop 1. Mine would get about 11-12 minutes of flight time per battery. You can purchase a extended time battery and it will give you 18 minutes of flight time.

If your battery isn’t charging then what you do is plug it in for about 8 seconds and unplug it. Keep doing it about 20 times to get some charge back on the battery and then it will take and start charging again. The charger is super sensitive and if you run the batteries completely dead then you will run into having to do the steps above. I was able to get 11-12 minutes of flight time, transfer all my video and pics and still have about 8% battery left. I don’t recommend killing the battery completely. I never had any problems out of mine. I just recently bought the DJI Spark and sold my Bebop Parrot but for a first time drone it’s about the best you can get and it takes great pictures and video.

Also you can control it with your cellphone and it’s really well. You want be able to fly it over 180ft with your cell but it still does really well. I never bought the remote, didn’t see the value in $300 for a remote to get 200 more feet of distance. I did purchase the flymore package with my DJI Spark to get the full mile out if it but I find myself using my cellphone more than the remote to fly it.

Also I never had any issues with my GPS. It always picked up at least 14 satellites in about 1-3 minutes. Only issues I had was a few times I flew it to high and lost wifi signal to the drone. Twice this happened and it just hovered above me about 180ft in the air until it got to 15% battery life and then it landed itself. It was more my phone than the drone and I pushed the limits with it and I should of not allowed the drone to go higher than 160ft. But it didn’t fly off or anything. Pretty much just hovered in place above me and then landed. Took about 15 minutes for it get to a point it wanted to land.

I would buy another parrot if they would put the camera on a gimbel. The camera qualtiy compared to my dji spark isn’t much different. You can get some better shots with the spark because of the ability to pan with the gimbel and it has a little better night shots. Plus a bunch more neat features.

Pictures straight down no, video yes. Mine never flew more than 6 minutes, even with aftermarket batteries, so maybe something was wrong with mine. Maybe the dysfunctional gps was draining the batteries.