Parrot Jumping Night MiniDrone (2 Pack)

Parrot Jumping Night MiniDrone (2 Pack)

Are these individually packaged (can be gifted separately) or is this a 2 pack with 2 in the same box?

I also would like to know.

Hi there. They are indeed individually packaged and can be gifted separately.

So, do we order 1 blue and 1 red? Or 1 of the same color meaning we get 2 of that color? I’m confused…

I would also like two different colors if possible.

No, sorry. Same color for both.

Tried all day to pay for the Parrot. All methods fail. Wife also tried 2 additional methods. Failed. I’m signed is as Amazon prime and so far as I know in good standing. Help

A very late review and probably nobody sees this. One of them disconnects every few minutes so it is unplayable, another has its battery dead on arrivial. Can’t say we are lucky spending just 39.99 for them, these are completely worthless.