Parrot Jumping Race & Night MiniDrones


Parrot Jumping Race & Night MiniDrones


I purchased one of these a few weeks ago from Woot. It worked intermittently, wouldnt update the firmware. I contacted Woot and they refunded my $$.

I’d be apprehensive of giving this as a gift…if it didn’t work it’d be pretty embarrassing.


Bought two of the Night MiniDrones. It’s nice and the jumping function is cool, HOWEVER, Parrot (whom you’d think would have this down) should have a way better app. The application is the true downside of the whole thing because the buttons the control the thing in the app show up as that symbol when an application is loading (Google “loading symbol”). WTF Parrot? Oh and the instructions are outdated, the app to download is “FreeFlight Jumping” not “FreeFlight3”. Anyway, it’s nice, but that app needs a lot of work.