Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo

I bought one of these brand new because I found it only half price (49.99).

Connecting is tedious so expect to wait for multiple wireless devices to connect to eachother and entering multiple codes and passwords.

MINE Jumping Sumo WAS DEFECTIVE new in sealed box. It DIDNT JUMP!

Parrot the manufacturer was contacted by myself and perhaps a reply went into an unknown inbox but I did not see a reply I. That does not mean I did not get a reply period but that also does not fix my broken Jumping Sumo I got to entertain my dog. I have something that just drags around behind two Wheels…

It came with 2 batteries and charging cable. Also decals to individualize your Sumo

Don’t be a chump,
buy a drone that can jump.
These are really fun
so I gotta get me one.
They only cost a small lump.