Parrot Zik Bluetooth ANC Headphones w/ Case

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Parrot Zik Bluetooth ANC Headphones w/ Case
Price: $199.99
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Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

Gizmodo has reviews of the original and the 2.0 version and they very much like them.

Great headphones, I just don’t particularly care for the style of these. The white with shiny accents just don’t do it for me.

Do they make these headphones in mens?

I bought these on WOOT (in black) a while back. They are outstanding headphones. If you can handle white, go for it!

My husband and I each bought a pair of these from Woot! a little more than a year ago, and have used them almost daily ever since. Bottom line: not worth the asking price, but a cautious recommend at the Woot! price.

The good: sound quality in them is excellent, as is the ANC - great for subway trains or airplanes. Plus, I love the nifty tech-y touches like the touch controls on the right earpiece or the contact patch that turns off your music when you take them off. (When I first read about them, they sounded gimmicky, but it turns out they’re some of my favorite features.) Decent battery life, too - I try to remember to charge them every night, but even when I don’t, they usually last an day or two for commuting/walking around purposes. They fit my head well and are comfortable to wear. And they look pretty mad stylin’.

The bad: Pairing them with your phone, like most Bluetooth devices, is sort of a half-dark-magic, half-sacrifice-to-ancient-gods ordeal - especially when a firmware update was involved. (Once my husband had to uninstall the app, delete the headphones from the Bluetooth saved devices, and start over from scratch before they would connect.) That said, the latest update seems to have smoothed things out considerably - it’s been a few months since I had any real issues.

The ugly: Warranty and reliability. They only come with a one-year warranty; both my husband’s and mine failed catastrophically around that time. (In my case, the spring that holds the cans in tension around your head just stopped working, so when I tried to put them on they sort of dangled from the headband like floppy sea creatures. In my husband’s, the speaker in the left ear started giving off a harsh buzz when reproducing certain frequencies.) Parrot was prompt about giving us RMA numbers and replacing them, but each failure meant a couple of weeks without our very expensive 'phones, and I’m sort of wondering what’ll happen if and when the replacements fail.

Honestly, for $350-$400, these are not great headphones - the sound is good and the techy stuff is nice, but the reliability and connectivity issues are a real disappointment at that price point. But for $200, it may be worth the investment - when they work, they’re some of the best-looking and nicest-to-use cans I’ve come across, and I regularly get comments/compliments on them.

I bought these over a year ago when woot had them in black and were selling them for way over 200. Have used them countless times and they have never disappointed. Was worth it at the inflated price then, even more worth it now if you can handle them in white. I highly recommend them.

Just a comment…

I go to my local electronic repair facility tv’s, stereos, etc) And they allways have a number of items that have been repaired (head phones,tv’s, MP3 players etc) marked down to very low prices. Good way to get a deal. Never had an issue with any purchase.

Just suggesting a different way to approach your purchasing goals.

Based on the Specs. This is Zik not the latest Zik 2.0.

Thus, not worth to buy

I received the hard case last week. Has anyone received the actual headphone?

Not sure if they shipped separately. I’m checking with the team.

In the meantime, check in with CS. You can use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Per Woot Staff, it is more than likely that the case shipping separately.

If you have any questions regarding the second shipment, please email into