Parrot Zik Bluetooth ANC Headphones

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noooooooo i got so excited then… refurb

Hmm, these look HUGE. I just got the Logitech Ultimate Ears UE9000 and the are amaze-ing! The Zik look kind of goofy to me.

Read and watch this “excellent” review over at cnet and pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

have a pair and they are absolutely wonderful. It recently got an update that was crafted by lou reed.

Nooooo! Why must you leave Hawaii off the shipment list!? WHY???

These are a great deal assuming you have a good working one. Got to play with one and it’s a really geeky headphone with all its features.

What’s the over/under on how beat up these will be considering they’re refurbished? Anyone ever bought refurbished Ziks before?

At this price with only a 90 day warranty, how is this a deal?

Refurbished already establishes a history of failure

Hmm, I bought a pair of these as Refurbs and they were like new except for the battery which was dead.

Quick call to Parrot and they sent out a new battery to me for free.

I love them. They are heavy but sound pretty good (I pretend to be an audiophile), battery life is short but on a plane I bring a battery pack anyhow.

And the noise cancellation is also quite good.

Bought a pair of these refurbished in March, and not a single problem with them. I’d dare anyone to tell them apart from new.

Love the features, design and construction. Possibly the best sounding bluetooth headphones you could get, vastly prefer to the bose equivalent. There is a reason why Tyll from innerfidelity has these up on his ‘wall of fame’.

GF was so jealous that I was able to buy mine at this price; I may even tell her about this woot when she wakes up!

At some point last year, I was flying to Chicago every week in propeller planes, and seemed to always end up right next to the damn propeller.

I bought a pair of these for the active noise canceling.
The thing has like 5 microphones, so you hear so little.

Parrot’s app has an equalizer on it, as well as battery stats and the ability to flip features on and off.

They pair well to my computer via Bluetooth, but Windows doesn’t know which Mic to use for input.

The battery is somewhat weak, but it’ll last at least through some longer flights.

The coolest thing that I’ve found with them is that you upgrade the firmware on them by plugging then into a computer via the micro usb connection, and drop the new firmware onto the headphones as oef they were a usb stick.

At this price, these headphones are a steal.

Adding my voice to the “great deal for the price” chorus. I was eyeing these as a replacement for a pair of $125 Audio-Technica ANCs that were starting to fall apart. The sound was similar - maybe slightly richer in the bass - but what really did it for me was the Bluetooth connectivity. No more cords getting tangled when I was doing the dishes! But there was no way I was paying $400 for headphones, even super-fancy high-tech ones.

Then these showed up for this price in March, and I was thrilled. In retrospect, I’m…less thrilled, but still solidly pleased with the purchase. I switch the Bluetooth pairing between my computer and my iPhone 5s, and occasionally it can be a little wonky. It’s the sort of user-experience bug that you’d expect to be ironed out of a retails-at-$400 piece of hardware. Still, since the last firmware update, I’ve had far fewer problems. Mine were refurbs as well, but you’d never know it - they came in an original box, and had no blemishes I could find. And aside from the BT issues (which may simply be a product of the standard rather than these 'phones specifically) these are an outstanding product. Super high-tech feeling, too. The touch panel controls on one ear are intuitive, but the skin-contact panel that turns off the music when you take them off is my favorite feature - it just makes me feel like I’m living in Star Trek every time.

Is there any warranty service out there that will cover these even though they’re refurbs? 90 days just isn’t enough for me to feel safe, but I’ve heard bad things about SquareTrade’s refurb protection – that they can get out of any claim if it’s a refurb. (Note: I use SquareTrade for most new products and it’s always great, i’m just talking about refurbs here).

(Also? I would like to point out to the Woot folks that one of your sales was to a friend of mine, after showing her how awesome mine were. You have the address to send my commission. :wink: