Parsons Chairs Set of Two

$109.81 on amazon with free shipping. 20 left in stock.

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$138 at Walmart.

or similar prices at a couple of stores.

And here is a sale from 4 months ago:

some say they were wobbly.

[MOD: Different company]

I have been waiting for the last 4 months for these to come up again!!! Wish they were red, but SO happy to get new chairs for our dining room!

I know it’s Woot! and Woot! takes lots of liberties in its descriptions, but I still wish Woot! wouldn’t use a term like “faux leather” to describe these chairs. OK, “faux” leather ain’t “real” leather, but it’s still a tad too cutesy for my taste. It’s also something that could be described not as “faux” anything but rather as what it really is, whatever that is. Even “imitation” leather, now that I think about it, seems more honest & straightforward.

Faux means imitation… The word means nothing else, literally. Faux is not a word used to hide anything, because there is no other reason to use that word than to describe something that is not real.

In most cases, we are using the manufacturer’s description for the products. If that’s how they describe it…

Kudos to the Woot writers! For some reason this write-up struck just the right note for me today. Could be because I’m looking across the room at the mess left behind by my 27 year old live-at-home son. (sigh)

Any idea where I can find the matching dining table for these? Links much appreciated!

I enjoy the Woot! descriptions for the artistic entertainment that they provide but I too would like to know what these chairs are actually made of. All I know at this point is they are NOT leather but that leaves an almost infinite list of possibilities for what they are made of. What is the material actually called? The previous item listed above was called “Bonded Leather”…is that what these are?

These are not the same chairs as sold before. Different company.

What is the faux leather? Vinyl? Bonded leather? Bi-cast leather?

Per the supplier:

“The upholstery is polyurethane PU and is made to look like leather”.

How much assembly IS “some assembly required”?

You get the wood and material along with the plans, a saw, a pair of scissors, some tacks, and a box of nails. :slight_smile:
I imagine you have to put the legs on the front and attach the back to the seat. Should be pretty simple.

I was looking for a pair of chairs just like these but fake leather in a no go. I hope the real deal shows up soon.


any idea on the shipping weight of the package?

I don’t know exactly but you’ll probably get 4 legs, the back, seat, and a set of wood screws or bolts.

Edit: A wonderful staff lady emailed me to say, “I put these chairs together myself and it took about 30 minutes per chair, would have been less if I had not been constantly interrupted.”