Party Light Series 25-Ft String Lights & Clear Bulbs

I bought a similar set from Woot a few months ago. Three bulbs were broken when I received the set. Beware: bulbs are expensive, shockingly expensive in relation to the price of the light set. I enjoy the lights, but only after spending more $ for bulbs.

what are the socket size for the bulbs??? (to be able to look up replacements…)

They’re G40.

Sorry to ‘butt’ in here. But I think I can answer your question.
The bulbs are G40. “G” means GLOBE, and the “40” is the size in millimeters ( about 1 1/2"). I ‘assume’ the base is “candelabra E12”.
5 watt E12 Globe bulbs are not that expensive ( about $10 for 25 on 1000’s of Bulbs web site). But surely you can factor in a set of new bulbs if you order these.

This deserves to be a quality post imo. Good stuff. So helpful. Much win. Kittens

I have four sets of these, and LOVE 'em. Be advised, though, that replacement bulbs for this set are indeed outrageously expensive!

The reviews for this set at Amaxon are quite poor.

Those can’t possibly be G40 bulbs. G40 bulbs are 5" in diameter, just about the largest bulbs you can find.

A party string is likely to use G12 or G16 bulbs, much smaller.

The “40” is supposed to refer to 40/8ths of an inch, or 5 inches.

How many strands can be connected? Some styles have limited connecting lengths so I’m interested in the number of connected strands it can handle.

The SL2525 comes with C7 bulbs with a G40 base.

Does anybody know what voltage is needed? I need low voltage lights but it seems to be hard to find, I need 8 to 12 volts.

8 can be connected together.

Vendor confirmed these take 110volts to power the strand.

When looking up low voltage string lights, all I located were LED strands. It was a quick search, but you if you need low voltage LED might be your best bet.

G30, G40 and G50 refer to the sizes of the glass globes. G30 bulbs are the smallest size and are 30 mm (1.25 inches) in diameter. G40 bulbs are the middle size, measuring 40 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter. G50 are the largest of the three sizes and they’re 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter.

Are these good for indoors? My daughter loves to string lights in her room. This way she can stop “borrowing” my Christmas lights

Where did you get 8 from? The bulbs are 5W each x 25 = 125W per set. UL standards limit 420W on 20AWG wire which would limit you to 3 sets back to back. Just curious where you got 8 from. Thanks!

I work at a University with fluorescent awful headache inducing lights in a position that requires me to create a warm friendly atmosphere so students can be comfortable and not feel like they are going to be interrogated. I have two sets of these in my 12x 11 offce… Students love them,(they even say so!) and I don’t get headaches! These bulbs are very breakable… so buy a 3rd strand for replacement bulbs, and make sure your daughter is of an age to be careful and the configuration is high up and out of traffic!

The 3 strings of lites I ordered arrived yesterday. They’re cool, but…it’s important to visualize what a G40 bulb looks like. They’re pretty small @ 1.5" diameter. Just a heads up. I like 'em fine, though, especially for the price. AND, they’re packaged very well. Each bulb is in an individual box and encased in a cushiony-wrap. Haven’t checked for breakage other than a good shake of the boxes. No worries.

We had contacted vendor. I just asked them to confirm and they let me know that the total that can be connected together is 6 strands, for a total of 1500 Watts.

I apologize for the incorrect info I posted earlier. From what I have gathered online, you can run between 1800-2400 Watts (15 amp circuit or 20 amp circuit) from a standard 110V outlet, you’ll just want to check the breaker to confirm the specific amps for the outlet.