Pascal's Shirt

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not enough of a nerd.

finally…sweet design.

ZELDA’S shirt (Link’s Shirt)

its getting hard to shovel my money at woot

I never see the end of the voting in the derby, however, this shirt was like 4th or 5th all derby long until the very end. How did it end up pulling out more votes than the “Loves me not” shirt? It doesn’t seem possible. And yes I know some got DQ’d.

Either way, nice design, however not for me, congratulations to teh arteest!

I’m waiting for something good Woot or I will change into something

Hah, everyone’s going to think it’s a Zelda shirt.

this has to be the ugliest shirt i have ever seen


Ganon’s shirt

I’m not taking Geometry anymore so…no thx

congrats pyrin!

Um sort of doesn’t look that great on the computer, maybe it will turn out better on a real shirt. Grats to the winner, I’m surprised this one beat the other one.

I hear… the Zelda theme song?

“And if you run into some guy with a particle on his t-shirt, you get to fight!”

Woot, I love you. Marry me and have cyberbabies.

Nice hustle, Pyrin… I thought for sure She Loves Me Not had it in the bag. Congrats!

Love the design, hate the color. If it was on a darker color or something more neutral I’d jump on it. I voted on it during the Derby but eh. Would love to see something like this incorporated into another design but with a darker theme.

Also, in before Triforce.

Shocker! I really thought that flower shirt had the win locked up.

Now the real question is, do I like Zelda enough to merit the purchase of yet another light blue shirt…

Pricing Post!!! :slight_smile:

Pascal’s Shirt

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