Excellent! I have been sorely in need of a TARDIS shirt!

Forgive my ignorance, but is the “passenger” a particular character or species I should know?

You forget you saw it the moment you look away!!! What is point. :slight_smile:

Nice choice woot! Happy to be the first sucker here. Thanks for the rad shirt flyingmouse.

My 22 yr old son said “F’ing Awesome!” One ordered.

I LOVE YOU EDITORS! I love you, I love you, I love you.

Damn you shirtwoot,
Out, out of my wallet.

Resistance is futile.

Is there a special if one signs up for all 365 days? A ‘package deal’ on a Big Old Carpload of shirts?

My 22 year old self thinks the same thing!

What a brilliant use of glow-in-the-dark! Congratulations flyingmouse!

I like it… I like it a lot…

Though I have to ask… why is The Silence a passenger? That was never in a show, though (spoiler!) they allude to the fact that The Silence can somehow transmit a signal into the TARDIS wherever it is for a season.

Also… The last Centurion is looking out from the window.

Ah, thank you! I haven’t watched in awhile. I’m just a few episodes in to Matt Smith’s doctor.

You see a Centurion, I was thinking it’s a stylized view of the doctor’s hair…

Does anyone want to solve the debate?

As much as I would like to have a glowing Silent on my chest… /shudders… :slight_smile: Grats on the print!

Oh god! Warning, this has MAJOR SPOILERS if you are only a few episodes into Matt Smith’s doctor or earlier in the series! Gah! I tried to skim, but I couldn’t!

sobs in a corner

Awesome! o.o

I’ve only seen like 2 episodes of Dr Who, I know nothing about this particular character. That still doesn’t mean I don’t find this creepy as all get out.

Great use of the g.i.t.d affect again, this derby was full of excellent designs! I don’t envy the editors having to pick just 1 to print today.

Sorry but I only worry about spoiler warning for first Year. That episode aired Apr 23 2011

How did Conan get on the Tardis? :slight_smile:

Oh, not blaming you, that was my fail. I should know better than to read a wikipedia article on a section of the show that I haven’t watched yet :stuck_out_tongue: