Passo Doble Masi Tupungato 2010 Argentinean Malbec - 6 Pack

Passo Doble Masi Tupungato 2009 Argentinean Malbec - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Passo Doble Masi Tupungato Argentinean Malbec 2009
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Horrible CT reviews on this vintage and prior vintages. Folio Partners is somehow related to Mondavi but that does not make it necessarily good. I am passing. Maybe I will get a negative quality post for this. Just my initial thoughts.

Maybe the 2nd deal ever that doesn’t ship to Colorado?

The CT reviews are mostly around the mid-80s. Far from horrible, but far from clicking the large button.


It was a very pleasant surprise to find that I’d been chosen as a lab rat! This is my first time, and some small, paranoid part of my mind had wondered whether the selection process was fixed; unless WineDavid is about to hit me up for a post-hoc bribe, my suspicions have been laid to rest. But I digress… on to the wine!

On first pour, the Malbec appeared a translucent garnet color. Its nose was very subtle, and I couldn’t detect much except for a hint of acid. Upon popping and pouring, I could taste some sweetness and some acid, but not a lot of complexity. It was a bit warm but not too hot. After 30 minutes it was beginning to acquire some depth, with what might have been floral notes. By 60 minutes it was filling in at the mid-palate with red fruit.

I sipped it on its own, and with a meal of pasta with spicy marinara sauce and fried-garlic pizza. This wine paired well with my meal, as the acid from the marinara was echoed in the Malbec.

To expose my own bias, I tend to favor big, bold red wines with a tannic backbone, which this wine is not. This doesn’t strike me as a wine to cellar for the long term, but it would benefit from a little bottle time and/or significant aeration. Having lurked around wine.woot for a while, it seems that having an Argentinean wine (or any international wine) is something of a rarity. At this price point you can’t go far wrong. I hope you’ve found these notes helpful!

the buzzkilling state legislators are just saying no to New York state.

Although i don’t know much about this mark, malbec is my favorite wine of all, ever since returning from Argentina last year.

I have read that it has one of the highest anti-oxidant levels of any red wine, and they are usually very smooth. I’d say about 8/10 of the wines I drink are malbecs.

Picture shows 2009 and description states 2010…which is it woot?

Checking. Thanks!

Ok. I may have been too critical in my first post which oddly enough qualified as a quality post. I agree with “Lassow” that CT does not have horrible notes. I love Malbec and at $10 per bottle this may be tempting, possibly. Will await further lab rats.

This is actually a fascinating wine. It’s made in Argentina with the country’s seemingly dominant grape (Malbec), but what makes it so unique is that it is created using very old Italian techniques and I believe the blend includes the Corvina grape.

Woot, can you verify that this is a blend that includes Corvina?

Corvina is the grape of love, romance, and one of the best wine varieties ever made: Amarone! Every good man buys his love a bottle of Amarone once a year, for it is the king of wines in Verona, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet.

If you can’t afford a big bold Amarone, then you’ve probably at least had a nice Ripasso. Ripasso is that special variety of Valpolicella created when the vintners (re)pass a Valpolicella Superiore over the dried raisiny remains of Corvina grapes used to make an Amarone. The result is a table red with the darker, more complex character you would expect from dried fruit.

So think about it now: “Passo Doble”. It’s a clever New World twist on a classic Old World tradition. The fact that they actually grew the hallowed Corvina grape in Argentina with this in mind is just the kind of creative twist on tradition that should be applauded. Despite its South American label, if you are an Italian wine fan, you will enjoy this one.

I enjoyed the 2009 when I tried it this Summer, and this price (under $10/bottle) makes it a slam dunk for a darker table wine, but sadly I’m in Texas and well, you know the rest of this sentence already.

Looks like this is the 2009 Passo Doble Masi Tupungato.

If you already ordered and want to cancel, just email for assistance.

Now this deserves a quality post!

I blame it on Hickenlooper.

Price is over $10 per bottle but shipping is probably the same as my local sales tax. The price point isn’t calling me as klwines and beltramos are just down El Camino and carry great $10-$15 Malbec. its only $14 online, someone clue me in to the wootness of this deal

I have not tasted this particular Malbec (though I’ve had a few hundred in my lifetime). As for the Italian twist, I’m intrigued. A good Malbec is all about the fruit and shouldn’t wear you down with a big oaky coat on the finish. I’ve met many Italian families in Argentina making wine, honest to God some of the best pasta & bread on the planet too. Many immigrated from Italy & Germany. Bonarda (a red varietal from Italy) was the most widely planted grape until Malbec madness took over about 10 years ago. A few facts I found online about the 2009 Masi from Uco Valley Mendoza…

The 2009 Masi Tupungato Passo Doble is a blend of 70% Malbec & 30% Corvina, the grape that is famous for Valpolicella and Amarone.

The addition of the Corvina adds roundness to the finish with some dried cherry notes and ripe tannins.

The Masi family of the name is best known as a producer of fine Amarone and Valpolicella from Verona in Italy, but they also produce this wine, so the use of Corvina reflects their centuries of expertise with the grape.


Wine Spectator 88 Points

Briar and wild herb notes accent the racy plum and blackberry fruit in this medium-bodied red, as hints of tar and tobacco chime in on the solid finish.

I am tempted to buy one only because my state is one of the chosen few

No me hagas esto Wooot!! What Vinyard is this from in Argentina?

Wow, no Oregon? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deal on wine.woot that doesn’t ship to Oregon. Crazy, but saves me a good amount of cash, as I would have been in for two…