Patagonia Men's Shoes

The Cardomom color is incorrect. It should be a reddish brown.

Are you saying it’s the same color as the Boaris 2.0 Thatcher?

Comments on Zappos say the shoes run 1/2 size SMALL.

Why’s the listing description say these shoes run LARGER than std???

Good question. Clumsy copy? Not knowing the sizing issue is keeping me from buying.

I got a pair of their boots awhile back, and they were reported to be running small. Even knowing that and buying accordingly, they still were a bit tight until they were broken in.
I’d say they’re probably running small.

So if they don’t fit, can they be returned?

The return policy is linked in my signature. Basically, we don’t do returns for fit. We’re a close-out site and don’t have a standing inventory.

Could run small, or large. Uhh, Pass!