Paternity Test

What’s up with this shirt? I’ve seen this image for the last few years:

Is it his original creation?

Maury is really branching out, but shouldn’t the Queen be getting all up in his face about it after that?

good find xarous.

This is the same guy who submitted the pikachu shirt that got pulled But that last one was supposedly his original creation too. I don’t know. We’ll see if this one survives.

pulls up a seat

I think this may be the first shirt woot to ever make me literally laugh out loud.

Having some personal experience with the Maury show, I find this absolutely hilarious.

Edit: To clarify, a sibling was on the show, and it was horrible/painfully embarrassing to watch.

This is sooo great, will definitely be buying this for a friend who is a huge Maury/Star Wars fan.

Alex Solis made this a couple of years ago!

This is one of his that had over 10,000 tumblr notes last I checked. So you probably have seen it many places.

Because Alex is awesome and so is his artwork.

keeping this post noticeable.

Looks like it is, same artist name on the threadless submission from July 2011, and the weknowmemes post is from Oct 2011, which is later.

I guess someone’s notifying Alex by now, and there might be


Ooh, we’re sharing popcorn?

Yeah cute shirt, woot… erm… threadless?

I love me some popcorn. Pass the imitation butter sauce and salt please.

FWIW, it’s not a problem that the art was submitted to other sites before. Quite a few of the designs here at Woot were submissions at other sites too. Woot’s qualification is that the design cannot be printed elsewhere before.

So put away the popcorn, folks.

You know what would make this shirt better? Vader shouting out the infamous “Noooooo!”

But… I like popcorn?

It’s Deja Vu all over again.

I’m seeing less Maury and More TARKIN!!!

You’re the resident guru around here, but does this apply then?
“If you spot a t-shirt design submission that appears to have been borrowed, copied, shamelessly stolen from some other source, or you believe a design infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party, you can report it to your friendly derby-meisters by going to the offending design’s vote page (by clicking on the design image) and clicking the red “TATTLE ON THIS” button in the upper right corner. When tattling, don’t forget to provide specific examples or links to the original work.”

That means Maury is A LOT younger than he looks.