Patio Covers

I have been using these covers for 3 years so far. Best covers out there.

Hi, mods! The photo woot has for this: Pyle PVCLG85 Armor Shield Patio Firewood Log Rack Cover
is actually a photograph of a log CARRIER, not the log pile cover.
Take a look at this: to see what I mean.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll ping the Tools Team.

Thanks! I wish it WAS the log carrier. We need one in the worst way.
(Sorry about not hyperlinking in my original. Using lazy-tired as an excuse.)

Here it is and cheaper (with prime)

Almost all of the furniture covers are cheaper (with Prime) on Amazon. Rather disgusted I fell for this…

Was just about to post the same. You’ll want to name this correctly, as log carriers are magnificently helpful.

This cover did not even lasted a full year! Already started ripping apart in couple of places and rips are getting bigger and bigger. Material used is not very durable, but I’m in Florida and may be this is just not for our Florida weather and should not be used outside. Or may be I need a cover for this cover.