Patio Furniture For The Furnitureless

Anyone else notice how poorly the main page is photoshopped on this one? Haha

I wasn’t going to say anything, but…yes! It’s not quite as bad as the Iranian missile Photoshop a few years ago.

I’m so glad you mentioned it. I thought I’d grabbed the wrong cheaters.

I’m frankly mystified by the Big Bench. At just under 5 feet, there’s adequate space for two adult behinds but it would be challenging to find two of my friends that have a combined weight less than the 250 lb limit.

Can anyone else not find these products anywhere on the internet? I cannot find anything from Home Innovations.

Yeah…Woot? Anyone have an answer to that 250lb weight limit on the bench & folding bench? Sounds really cheezy for a seat that had a “list” of over $400.

I’m checking on it, I’ll update you when I hear more.

UPDATE: Ok, so the chairs have a 250lb weight limit. Not sure about the benches. I did hear that for indoor furniture, manufacturers will test to ensure that 200-250lbs is supported, but not test to the point of breakage. Not sure if this helps, but it shed some light on the situation for me.

I’m looking at the large bench and it say that it’s made of teak but when I go to the specs page it says it’s mad of eucalyptus. My guess at this price is that it’s NOT teak. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh wow, yeah, my bet is eucalyptus, not teak. I’m checking with our buyer to confirm, though.

UPDATE: This is me eating my above words, IT IS TEAK!

Thanks! I’m sold!

Does anyone know if the table and chairs fold up?

I’d say based on the pictures, yes.

Can you get an Obesichaise, one with a 400lb+ capacity?
My ape of a brother kills chaise lounges like ants.

The dining set is on Overstock, etc.

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What location are the Home Innovations S-V1377/V1378 Balthazar Rectangle Table with 4 Chairs shipping from? I am trying to see if there is any chance having them delivered to Chattanooga TN before April 5th 2014.

It’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it no matter where they’re shipping from (and unfortunately I don’t know where). We note that shipping will be within 5 business days and in transit between 3-8 days, so this would ship out of here at the latest on the 3rd if you buy today.

Sorry but apparently you guys don’t know what you’re selling and blindly listen to your buyers. I just received them and they are EUCALYPTUS. Now I have the hassle to send all this back. I hate woot!

I’m so very sorry about that, I’m checking in with the buyer and all that. Please do make sure to email into as well.

I just received the table/chairs and bench. All eucalyptus! NOT teak. What a pain in the @ss to return all this for a refund.

I’m really sorry for the trouble. It sounds like we got incorrect details from the vendor on this. Woot Memeber Services will get you taken care of; again, apologies. :confused: