Patio Furniture: Take Back The Lawn

Seriously, at least put in a picture of one of the available items!

Does the teaks table (with 4 chairs) also fold up?

It appears that way, yes.

Shows picture of chaise lounge - doesn’t offer chaise lounge for sale.

Because the only reason I clicked was the only thing not available…

That bull that your posted got flagged and you were put on probation. It is 100% accurate. I clicked because I was interested in the lounge chair and they don’t even have it.

I have to agree with the poster put on probation for their comment. I too clicked the link because of the chair not for sale and felt disappointed. Also how much weight can the folding bench handle? It doesn’t say. Sorry Woot but I feel you should reconsider your penalty on this one. JMHO, Kim

I’m back!!

(lol - it’s an OLD probation - used to be a lot more obvious before woot changed the .sig format)

The picture of the chaise lounge drew me in. I want a chaise lounge. Purchasing of the chaise lounge was not an option.

Has anyone purchased anything from Home Innovations? Can’t find any of these items on the internet. I am just wondering the quality. I know they aren’t worth 500+, but 80 bucks for a bench is still a lot in my book. Also, what is the weight restriction for the bench. The folding chair says 250, nothing on the bench.

Can vouch for the bench - bought from Woot couple of months back. Good construction, looks very nice, no assembly req, worth $80. That said, a) can’t speak to its durability if left outside in the weather, and b) though it folds up exceptionally easily, its folded dimensions are a bit awkward - about 40" by 36", though only a few inches wide. Re weight limit: it’s pretty solid, though if you and your mate weigh 300 lbs each, might look elsewhere.

I just received two reclining chairs in the mail from this offer. One was in fine condition, the other was broken. The support piece at the bottom of the chair was broken off right at the hardware, rendering the chair unusable. I am waiting to hear back from woot customer service. I hope to get a replacement because the one that was ok is definitely worth 60 bucks. I would recommend the chair at this price point, assuming it’s in good condition.

I bought two of the dining sets and two chairs broke within the first couple of months. And these were not large people. They are NOT teak. And they are not very sturdy. I am trying to find a website for the company so I can act on the 90 day warranty, but having trouble even finding a contact point!