PatioCraft Raised Cedar Ground Planter

PatioCraft Raised Cedar Ground Planter
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Glancing at the product image on mouseover, I was all excited at the prospect of a box of woot selected produce.

I’m only a little disappointed that it’s not what I expected.

This is not a bad deal. Even if you make on your own it would just about be even. You could go cheaper with Fir and it would cost $40-$50.

If you are looking for a raised bed garden option on the cheap and have a Sam’s Club membership then that is my suggestion. They have a 7’x3.5’ stackable bed for like $35 to $40. You get 8.5 more sqft for half the price. It is also made of recycled material and is rot proof. I put one together for my wife and it was quite easy to assemble. This seems way too pricey given the space limitations.

Unless you got some reclaimed wood. I see loads of pallets discarded where I live. You’d have to sand it down a bit and add a natural wood oil treatment to keep it from rotting for a while

I’m a bit intrigued by the raised bed to be honest. Might wait until next time they offer something similar. Kinda broke right now

Careful using pallet wood for raised beds, it is often treated with some nasty stuff to keep bugs at bay. Could make for a toxic salad.

Just make sure it has “HT” on it somewhere. That means it was heat treated instead.

I actually built my own using untreated wood. I am by no means handy and it wasn’t all that difficult. I think the cost came in just under $50 and it is 6x6, which is actually too large looking back. Trying to reach the center without stepping on the soil is difficult/near impossible. If I did it again, I’d make it 5x5.

I also have 2 I bought from home depot, search greenland gardener. About $30 each. Easy to assemble and have held up fine for three years. Two downsides to note, the sides are not that high and taking them apart might be a pain. One of them didn’t quite fit as expected, so I imagine if I tried to take it apart before moving it things wouldn’t go back together. Still, for $30 I can deal with these minor issues.

On the cedarcraft website the description matches the $149.99 item, not the $119.99. Either we are getting a better deal than claimed, or this raised bed is only 9.5 inches high, and not 14 as claimed. Or, i guess this is last years wood vintage.

Over priced. Looking closely made from finger jointed stock. very much doubt it would hold up to winters here in the north east.

I’ve made planters with Cedar Fence Posts from HomeDepot. $2.25 each for 5 1/2 by 72. You can build something similar to this for less than $10.

If you build your own, the maximum recommended width is actually 4’ if you want to be able to reach everything from outside the box. It can be as long as you would like.

I built my own out of untreated redwood 2x12’s.

That’ll only give you a bed that’s 5" high though…

I don’t know. After you buy topsoil, fertilizer and such, you are over $100. You can buy a lot of veggies for $100 and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Those aren’t post - those are pickets. There’s a big difference in strength. Pickets are not meant for lateral loads, so I’d be concerned about bowing out.

Definitely not cheap to fill with dirt.

On the other hand, one cannot discount the experience of growing some of your own veggies.

Plus, the dirt will still be there for the next season.

Redwood 2x12’s? Did you check to see if cedar posts and SS plate was not a cheaper option?