Wait a tick… Those aren’t female robots!

That looks suspiciously like Professor X in a very very bad mood… I suppose I would be too, if I actually listened to the demands from my wife.

(Edit: Before I get fileted too much, yes, I know it is supposed to be Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard, but I was going for the not too obvious Patrick Stewart connection… sheesh)

So is that coffee decaf or regular?

This is very creepy. Not the shirt mind you, but the fact that I’m currently watching Star Trek: First Contact and it’s on a Borg heavy scene. Talk about timing.

“You WILL be ironed…”

Wait… that’s not right.

“You WILL be vaccuumed…”

DAMMIT! That’s not it!

Last try… “You WILL be microwaved…”

Screw it… I’m not trying anymore. Give me my soaps.

Japan finally did it. Engineered the perfect men. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a set of 3 in cherry red.

No, it’s Picard.

Shirt.woot woot-off, though implausible, would be incredibly epic to watch. A pity it won’t ever happen. But eh, I can dream, can’t I?

Looks suspiciously like Mr. Freeze…

These cyber butlers remind me of Rosie from The Jetsons.

JJ Abrams is not a fan.

Looks like “Pr0n 4 w0m3n”

Hmm doesnt quite do it for me… a bit of a stretch… wheres the one with the iron hand anyway?

Had to resist the one last night as I knew a family member would be buying it, so I’ll save my $10 to see what Drakxxx comes up with this weekend ^.^

I think these are Rosie’s pool boys…

Something about receiving a food/drink product from another being’s abdominal region gives me the willies! Gross!

In the future, men aren’t afraid of vacuums…

Let’s just say they’re cheaper. :S

Too bad one of the robots doesn’t come equipped with a washcloth after some inconsiderate jerk left the top off their bowl in the microwave… THOSE THINGS DON’T CLEAN THEMSELVES, GUYS!

Now it makes sense why my Roomba grew robot legs and started attacking my blender and quesadilla-maker yesterday. All hail the Borg!