Any improvements in the printing of Infinity Plus One for this run? I truly loved the design, but the actual t-shirt printing was grainy and the color didn’t pop at all.

It’s a one day sale, like a ninja. Think fast people!

Ha! I know a folkie when I see one! Great name, great shirts :slight_smile:

Totally should be, I pointed a misprint out to production and they’re aware of the issue and I assume have fixed it! If you do order and have any problems, contact us of course and we’ll work with you on a solution.

Been wanting a hoodie for ages and finally there’s one I want! Nyan nyan~

Does anyone know if Woot no longer sells long sleeve t-shirts? I feel like I haven’t seen any in while, and I miss them!

We do, I promise! I think there are a couple coming up, in fact.