Patriot Pantry 1-Week Emergency Food Supply

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Patriot Pantry 1-Week Emergency Food Supply
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very good

People may think this is an MRE but it is not - you have to have plenty of water and fuel to reconstitute the dried foods so they are fit for eating.

In an emergency, not having food for 1 Week would be a pretty tough alternative to this, but the saturated fat and sodium levels are alarming. Is it common and or necessary for products like these to have these levels in order to prolong shelf life?

Salt is a preservative. And demonized more than is warranted IMO… Yes, bleached, white table salt IS bad for you but NOT because it’s salt. It’s the leftover, trace amounts of toxic crud from the bleaching process that gets you in the long run.

As for the fat, I’d think it’s not that big a deal. In a survival situation, it’s assumed you are going to be burning more calories (and potentially sweating out salt). If you are looking at this as a normal food substitute on a regular basis? Then no, it’s probably not the healthiest choice you could make. Then again, neither is McD’s, B.K., etc…

A good water filter, a pot, some rocks and a few sticks for a small campfire solves the need for plenty of water and heat needed to prepare it in a pinch.

Don’t forget to buy lots and lots of seeds for your prepper bunker.

This may not be the best for everyday food. You do not need to be a “Prepper” to appreciate this or need this. If you live in a place that may get hurricanes, tornados and ect. You know for real life emergencies. You should have some stuff like this and with jugs of water and some sort of “reliable” alt fire source available

Prepping is now nonpartisan! Get yours before the end of the world!

“Don’t forget to buy lots and lots of seeds for your prepper bunker.”

“You do not need to be a “Prepper” to appreciate this or need this. If you live in a place that may get hurricanes, tornados and ect. You know for real life emergencies.”

Hee hee…I was going to post a “bunker buffet” quip (after all, “Patriot Pantry” doesn’t bring to mind weather preparedness). Living in the southeast, though, I can see the potential benefit of this during hurricane season.

If each pouch holds four servings, it’s not really a “1-week supply for one adult” unless that adult also has a refrigerator for storing the leftovers. This kit is for a fancy emergency.

Still think they should launch, there are two items up today that would fit there nicely. Three if you count the wine…

I agree. This stuff, the wine and the dress loafers are going in MY bunker.

All good points, well stated. I agree with the use for table salt, and that is the only way I use it also. I keep a salt pig next to the cook top and just spoon out a bit of sea salt when I need it. At the table I just bring the pig there. I have long used the more “exotic” salts like fleur de sel or my current favorite, Salfiore di Romagna Pope’s Sea Salt (Il Sale dei Papi).
Good salt does not have to be expensive, and iodine be damned if I’m missing it because of not using table salt. Look up the facts on table salt processing and you may decide to not use it much either.

Salt and fat are part of the diet. Those two ingredients are much of what our ancestors used to consume. Fat = energy Salt= hydration

I’m waiting for freeze-dried Trump Steaks to make dinner great again.

You sir, win one internet.

I, too, noticed the high sodium content and decided not to buy. I object to the sodium both for health and taste reasons.

salt…salt…salt. Salt and preppers here!

That would be Spam. Shelf life is just long enough to do some damage. (now for the record, I did vote for the guy. Why? I like spam, but in moderation. Too much isn’t a good thing)