Patriot Pantry Essential Kit

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Patriot Pantry Essential Kit
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Given this and the atom bomb…JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY. THANKS.

Nothing says getting ready for Christ’s birth like this crap. ROCK ON!

While I’m sure it’s delicious, why is this “survival food” always ALL CARBS? The ingredients are all so cheap and junky, with next to no protein. How we gonna fend off the Mongol Hordes with flaccid, scrawny “muscles” composed of potato soup? Patriot Pantry, indeed. I smell a conspiracy here. First, they weaken us with their mashed potato diet, and then …

Have you ever tried this product by this company? Well I have-your comment very untrue I found the it great-my company of choice.

Have you now? Because so have I and it was terrible. Either too salty or too bland, no in between. It’s about like WISE in terms of quality, which means there’s almost none.

The ingredients are fine if you don’t have high blood pressure, because if you do this stuff won’t help the inevitable coronary.

In that case, hey, free protein for the rest of the survivors!

woot, thank you for posting the ingredients list for this kit–it’s much appreciated!