Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault

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Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault
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only 47 cents cheaper than buying it from amazon, but I think the 2 day shipping (with prime) and amazing customer service would make it worth spending the money at the
Mothership, seems like solid reviews though

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“Sew” seeds?

If you are actually considering this for a SHTF survival garden, I would recommend reading this review at the mothership. It contains a lot of good information and things to take into consideration before making your purchase.

:slight_smile: <3

Back to topic…
I don’t own a tinfoil hat but this might be an inexpensive way to plant my whole garden at my new house. Most of them are varieties I’ve never tried. I probably won’t plant the corn - too much space for one ear a stalk.

I’d rather have a bag of poo!

This is a novelty at best. If I were in survival mode I would want the hardiest hybrids I could find. GMO or non-GMO are moot by that time.

This deal seems a bit seedy…

Celebrate! Grow your own food! Anyone can do it almost anywhere. This is a great price on heirloom seeds, too.

I’m not sure you understand the point of heirloom seeds for survival situations. A GMO or hybrid seed will only yield a single season of growing, as the seeds can’t be harvested and grown the following year. Heirloom seeds can be harvested from the plant every year and planted the following season, providing endless growing seasons with the right care.

Sooo, you would not want to grow ancient seeds that survived for over 800 years and still sprouted? Or a 2000 year old date palm tree?

I think science still has a lot to learn from these ancient breeds. If we can keep them from going extinct, that is.

I wish. Not enough sunlight on my little apartment balcony. :frowning:

As they say, citation needed.

“Survival Seeds”, THEY ARE @#$%ing SEEDS!!!

The problem with hybrid veggies is that the plants grown from the seed of a hybrid will be different.
With non-hybrid, you can save the seed from the best plants, save & grow those the next season. Repeat as needed.

Most of the seeds here are pretty good choices, though I also grow hybrids for disease resistance or faster growing.

I went to fight on the Internets, and a Woot sale broke out!