Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault

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Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 07 to Tuesday, Mar 08) + transit
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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Bought one last time it was on and we have sprouts going now! In zone 8a (but barely), planted beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, bush beans, radishes and spinach on V-day, all of them sprouted (indoors) then transplanted and are going like gangbusters.

Not actually a great collection if you’re looking for complete self-sufficiency, but if you just want easy hardy plants (we’re growing with a 2 year old’s help) it’s great. Packaging is awesome, shipping was quick, good variety of seed.

EDIT: thought I should throw in I would absolutely 100% order again if this was offering different seeds from the one I have now. I’m actually going to trawl the product page and see what I can find - that’s how much I love the resealable packaging.

Almost the same price at Amazon. Here, $14.99 plus $5 shipping, Amazon $20.50. Not to mention Amazon’s good customer service and 2 day shipping for Prime.

Moving on.

Possibly better deal here:

Thanks, just ordered that one.

quote postid=“6734328” user=“ElephantNest”]Possibly better deal here:

Clickable :stuck_out_tongue: :

Another option, 16k seeds, 33 varieties, also non-GMO, well-packed for 30-year shelf life, excellent reviews, etc… $11.95 w/ free Prime shipping:

I just ordered two of each of those, for variety since they don’t have the same selection.

One of each will be for me, the other for someone else if someone nearby is important to me when things go south. Since these are for an emergency, who that is may change between now and then.

It says stores at 75 degrees for 5 years, longer if in a colder area. Can these be frozen? If so for how long? I do garden and have some significant land to do such, but I am curious as to the shelf life. If something is to happen I need these, I am sure my current garden will be gone.

The problem with seed vaults like this is that different areas of the country are good for growing different things. Depending on how far north you are, the onions might not get enough sunlight to form bulbs properly, or a late frost might eat some seedlings that aren’t that hardy. Also a lot of this seems like a great summer salad garden, but not something that’ll produce food I can store and use in February without knowing a lot more about preservation techniques.

Before buying this “for the end of Civilization”, research what’ll grow fastest and easiest in your area first. If you’re focusing on self-sufficiency then make sure to plan for the WHOLE year and not just the growing months. If this meets your needs, then great. If not, then look to local greenhouses and gardening associations for something a bit less “one size fits all” and a bit more “will feed me when I need it”.

Have fun sowing these into the radioactive ground and/or dodging machine gun fire from the National Guard to plant your survival seeds!

I mean, that is what you’re prepping for, isn’t it?

Sorry for the late answer. From the vendor:

They can be frozen but it is not recommended. As long as there is no thawing and refreezing going on there won’t be an issue. However, if the they are stored in a root cellar or refrigerator, you will get 10 yrs or better on the shelf life. The herb seeds will be about 7 as they are not as hardy as the vegetable seeds.

I ordered on Friday and got it already! I will be starting my seeds this week since I live quite far north. This is a super deal. The canister is heavy duty, seals very snuggly, the packets are quite thick/heavy duty and the instructions are great. Thanks Woot!

Just an update: I planted 25 of these (peppers, beans, and tomatoes), and less than 1/3 ever grew. Kind of bummed, after all.