Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault

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Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault
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Apparently woot has a pantry full of these, apparently more than they need for post apocolypse.

“The health benefits of these non-gmo, survival heirloom seeds are more widely known now than in years past”

If you want to grow multiple generations, then obviously you need seeds which won’t grow sterile plants.

That said, I would love to see ANY evidence that non-GMO produce has ANY health benefit over any GMO produce.

So, Im not sure I get it. $15 for a can of seeds? what do I do with this? Sprinkle some on my salad? or mix in my oatmeal?

Grow your own salad, keep the seeds from the plants, and replant every year until the planet burns up.

Most of the GMO seeds are modified to make the plants and/or fruits more durable to weather, more durable in shipping, higher yield per square foot, prettier in stores, longer shelf life in stores, and/or toxic to pests - none of which help their nutritional value to humans. Studies have shown (sorry, I don’t have them at hand) that GMO products in general have less nutritional value - remove the nutrients, and they last longer on the shelf (fewer nutrients to feed microbes), not to mention the whole “toxic to pests” thing. If the plants kill bugs, they can’t be very good for people either.

While your assertion that ‘non GMO plants may have lower nutritional value’ may have some basis (I’d love to find a study on this that is actually a study, rather than rants from either side), because the things being selected for are generally not nutritional value, the second part is very misleading. Some natural toxins for pests are in fact helpful for humans in small doses. Globally painting either direction based on an entirely different biological makeup is simply not a useful data point.

There are some ‘GMO’ products that are better in every sense for humans, but to really get into it you have to define what makes something GMO (does dwarf wheat count?).

In short, this is mostly a marketing ploy. As long as the seeds are from a reasonably good stock plant, they’ll probably grow into reasonably good plants to eat, so the real question is- do you want to buy some seeds?

The problem here is that when most people say GMO they mean the kind of Manipulation which, in the US at least, is subject to Copyright. So you can’t do a study on the plant without paying the company to study the plant, and what are the odds they’re going to allow your study if they think it’s going to go poorly for them?

I just received mine… Can these be frozen?

From the vendor:

They can be frozen but it is not recommended. As long as there isn’t any thawing and refreezing going on there won’t be an issue. However if the they are stored in a root cellar or refrigerator you will get 10 yrs or better on the shelf life. The herb seeds will be about 7 as they are not as hardy as the vegetable seeds