Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault

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Patriot Pantry Survival Seed Vault
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In general, do not expect to save money with a garden. I have been running a garden for the better part of 3 or 4 years and I guarantee I have spent more on the garden then I have gotten out of it in fruits and veggies.

The main advantage of growing your own garden is quality. Most supermarket fruits and veggies are picked before their prime in order for them to last longer on the shelves and trucks. A lot of the flavor is instilled in the last few days as they ripen on the vine.

Fruits in particular are much more flavorful when grown rather than store bought.

It works when you scale up and collaborate.

How fast do these things grow? Because when the big earthquake comes and I cant get to the grocery, I probably want to grow some corn, lettuce and tomatoes real fast before I starve…

Obviously, if you’re in a real hurry to satisfy your “emergency” hunger, you need to follow these instructions

For how much they charge for a tiny pouch of seeds and for how few you get. This may be way cheaper to buy just for using the seeds year to year.

[QUOTE=digitaljanitor, post:7, topic:577175]
Obviously, if you’re in a real hurry to satisfy your “emergency” hunger, you need to follow these instructions

Wow! So its the used coffee grind that makes it grow fast! I use Gatorade on my plants because it has all the nutriments you need.

As for these seeds, I think I could sprinkle them in my oatmeal and leave it at that.

“But where would you find seeds!!”

Colbert Report

Bought this last time it popped up and gotta say there are several years worth of seed in here if you plant a small garden. I got it mainly because it has a lot of heirloom varieties in it. They usually are the more tasty. I have baby plants in the ground now well see.

Unless you’re a management savant, it’s hard enough to get garden “collaborators” to harvest ripe produce let along help with weeding, insect control, and tending plants as they grow.

We grow a large garden primarily for educational reasons - a side benefit is it gives the children something to do if they get bored:)

A garden is expensive, time consuming, and costs more than buying produce at the supermarket. However, the cost is comparable to buying from the local farmer’s market. Other benefits are you know exactly how your food was grown and you can harvest based upon optimum taste rather than to minimize transport damage.

The pricing on these seeds looks great - significantly less than buying them in individual packets and some of the heirloom varieties can be hard to find locally. Their focus on seed longevity through excellent packaging is a nice bonus.