Patriot Wings

#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after January 19th


Hey thats a cool shirt. But i don’t like the background of gray


Congrats James!


very pretty drawing.


derby chiiiimp


yay, finally a shirt that i voted for made it!


Thanks, bought one.


Bought 2. I think this shirt is very much worth it.


This shirt tells the world: “Turns out patriotic graphics don’t have to be hideously gaudy.”

Please, woot, inform the entire southern half of the country (as well as much of the middle part) of this factoid.


fantastic job james


Awesome shirt. Bought mine. Thanks James and congrats!


Ahhh - glad to make this my 1st purchase.
(and sooooo fast too)


Nice work, Cho- I like the breadth of topics the shirt covers. You see the traditional fireman stuff, sure, but there’s also some more general citizenship stuff like the guy helping the wheelchair-bound person.


Congrat, Cho. We knew it was going to happen. :slight_smile:


Insert Rudy Giuliani joke here:


I think this is incredible.

…too bad my bank account balance is at 2.35, currently.

Anyone wanna buy me one…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not my style but that’s an amazing piece of artwork. Just the right amount of extra little details.


Adder, just b/c we have the cool accents, pretty girls, masculine men, and good home-cooking . .I understand your jealousy but don’t try to use a nice design to degrade a region daawwwling :wink:

edit: ya’ll Yankees can’t compete and you know it. hee hee


Oh, I get it. Irony!


Agreed. It’s too bad because it’s so played out. Not that I have that much faith in this country right now. I’m oh so close to moving to Denmark with its genuinely happy people and the ridiculous taxes they pay.

P.S. Nice design but, get over it.