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Paul Dolan Vineyards

Paul Dolan Wines 2007 Deep Red Mendocino Blend, Biodynamic 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $98.20) 39% off List Price
2007 Deep Red Mendocino Red Blend

Paul Dolan Wines 2010 Pinot Noir Mendocino County, Organically Grown Grapes 4-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $129.60) 38% off List Price
2010 Pinot Noir, Mendocino County

Paul Dolan Wines Deep Red/Pinot Noir Combo 4-Pack
$94.99 (Normally $162.65) 42% off List Price
2010 Pinot Noir, Mendocino County
2007 Deep Red Mendocino Red Blend


Warning! Warning! VDDD BS ahead!


They just keep pushing your buttons :happy:


Great thread link the other day.

Acid: 50 g/100 ml
on the 2010 has to be a misprint.


As both a science major and someone who has seen more impossible things happen than anyone should in a lifetime, I think there may be something to this. 200 years ago they would have called using bread mold to cure infections voodoo.


Can someone enlighten me on what vddd stands for?


The two statements in your post are mutually exclusive.

Did someone put you up to this?


It stands for voodoo doodoo. It’s what the logical/snarky people on this forum call biodynamic practices.


Ah. The world is oh so clearer now.


No, I studied biology and chemistry (genetics mostly) but I have also seen miracles and tragedies that could not be explained, people healed with home remedies that made no sense and athletes in their prime die of heart attacks…there are more things in heaven and earth…


Miracles aren’t real. Tragedies happen because of mathematical probabilities. People have heart attacks because of genetics. And home remedies don’t work any better than time. If you get cancer, where are you going? A hospital, a church to pray it away, or Mama Deb’s home clinic?

Your two primary fields of study are the two that should, beyond any shadow of doubt, assus that you understand that you can’t alter biology (grapes) with fake chemistry (adding quartz crystals to soil).


Is that the basis of this biodynamic shindig?


16 years ago I stepped off of a 6 story building and found myself being lifted down onto the roof where I heard a voice clear as day claim my life… I spent 21 years thinking that science disproved miracles but then a miracle disproved science. I concede that a rational scientist like you would call my miracle a psychotic delusion brought on by the stress that put me on the roof in the first place but I’d contend that blind faith in science is just as ridiculous as faith in miracles or crystals. I am not sold on biodynamics but I refuse to ignore the possibility that there are things that science can’t explain.


Biodynamic trolling aside…
I’ve had a previous vintage of the pinot and liked it quite a bit. Can someone comment on this year? What about the oak treatment?


This was sort of tempting to me. Then I went to their website.

“Flower heads of yarrow fermented in a stag’s bladder”

“Oak bark fermented in the skull of a sheep, goat or cow”

Um, yeah. Pass.


And let’s not forget the animal sacrifices…


Wow –

Enough of this – what about the wine?

I like Mendocino County Pinots. Anyone else? Anyone have any notes on the wine?



This is about the wine…but if you insist:

As far as vintages, 2007 was a much stronger year than 2010 which was tough (so was '11). I haven’t had any of the wines. However, the specs on the blend suggest a fruit bomb. High pH, high alcohol. The numbers on the PN seem much better, although the TA # is definitely a typo.

The PN isn’t BD, but it is ORGANIC. Link is to an article written by PW about Organic farming and why it’s STOOPID.


It was aged 16 months in 12% American Oak and 88% Neutral American oak barrels