Paul Reed Smith Guitars SE 24 Electric Guitar

Nice guitar! Have played one (do not own) and it felt and sounded great. Gets consistently high reviews at Guitar Center:

This is a really nice guitar and plays well. You can buy it almost anywhere for $499.

Bad information above.
This guitar sells at $759.00. This is a mahogany body with flame maple top PRS SE guitar, made in Korea. The $499.00 guitar is the PRS Standard series that have mohogany top & body (no Maple Flame) made in Indonesia. This is a great deal on a PRS SE.

I’m always glad to see guitars on Woot. Someday, maybe a lefthanded one? I always assume that they are all right-handed, but it would be nice to see that detail in the Spec’s tab.

This is the research I found. But I would add this caveat…

this is a nice guitar, I have a friend who just got one, but with ANY guitar you buy online, take it to a local shop that knows what they are doing and have it set up properly. PRS SEs tend to come OK, but nothing comes out of the factory as well set up as one you have had done by someone who knows what they are doing according to your playing tastes (ie, string gauge, height etc)

but this looks like it is a good deal

I stand corrected! I apologize to all. I misread and jumped the gun. This is indeed the SE Custom and not the SE Standard.