Paula Deen Rooster Cutting Board

Wow, is this ever dumb.

Wow…and the woots get more desparate by the day. I smell…useless junk…oh…no, thats home.woots item today.

Come on 18v cordless tools!

Boo, cheaper if you have Amazon Prime.

if only it had been a chicken I’d be in for three!

Does it come with diabeetus?

Not a great deal. Cheaper on amazon with prime… Not cheap enough for a funny Xmas gag gift.

I hope there are a lot of closet rooster collectors out there, just waiting to snap up this thing, so we can get on with the Woot-Off!

That doesn’t look like butter at all

Ugly. Impractical space-inefficient shape. I can see drippings going all over the place. Ecologically wasteful wood.

No go.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if it was made to look like a stick of butter?

Remember, once you unlock shipping for the day, that’s no longer an issue. So buy something and stop worrying.

don’t think he’s worrying, sounds like he’s stating the facts.

Feel free to explore.

Some may be NSFW.