Paula Deen Whitaker 16-Piece Dinner Set

woohoo - representing AR (that’s Arkansas for the rest of the world)!

16 more to go!

oh, i thought you were playing into the pirate theme!

uhm. I was looking at this set, actually, because it’s actually rather nice despite the Deen, but it’s only $10 more with free shipping from Target and Amazon. I see no reason to rush myself on the decision. Woot Offs should be Woot Offers…they should make us want to jump.

This ain’t your grandma’s dishware . . . oh, wait, it is. Never mind.

Paula Deen has a show in Dallas this weekend. Did she drop these off?

Paula Deen is a greedy, selfish and dangerous human being and should not be supported whatsoever. Please stop buying her things Woot.