Paula Deen's China Cabinet

This sale came up at an inopportune time…

Hate to be a debbiedowner, but thought you should know. I bought the Whitaker set of bowls once, half arrived broken. Woot was nice enough to refund me (no replacements avail.) but now I have 2 random bowls, so when I saw them up again, I bought another set. These arrived and three already have hairline fractures (still holds but obviously gonna fail soon), so caveat emptor…

love Paula though

Context, for those unaware:

I have friends who work for Paula Dean…she is the devil incarnate.

Yeah, these would look really great at a Southern wedding.

I’m surprised they come in colors other than white.

As a regular wooter, I’m going to ask you don’t peddle her racist wares, or go ahead… They seem to be delivered in top quality anyways.

One: Someone at Woot has a great sense of humor

Two: a similar sale happened with all live strong exercise equipment after Lance copped to cheating.