PAW Pet Beds: PAWsome

Too Small! If these were even just a little bigger 30 or 35 inches I’d be all over them!

I bought the furry canopy cave for my cats the last time these were on sale - a few months ago, I think - and one of them rejected it within minutes. The other had to be enticed to sleep in it with toys and catnip.

Bottom line: don’t bother. They will reject it, because they are cats, and they would much rather sleep somewhere that inconveniences you. Now if Woot started selling cat beds disguised as laundry baskets or cardboard boxes, I’d buy those.

Thanks for the advice. I was thinking that with the canopy I’d finally found a bed my cat will sleep in. She currently rotates between the closet, my bed and of course her cardboard box in the living room. I guess I’ll pass.

The off-white fur bed . . . specs for the L and XL are identical.

I’ve always found that a little bit of catnip spray will get them interested in it. Then ignore it. Dang cats won’t do anything to please you.

I have 2 of these for my cats and they love them. I think it just depends on the cat. I had to put a little catnip and a toy in them to entice 1 of the cats at first and the other went right end. But in the end they both love them.

Hmmmm. checking.

I bought Plush Pet Caves for my cats. The cats didn’t seem much interested in the cave aspect, so I removed the plastic tube that is meant to hold the flap open, and folded the flap under the bed. TaDa! Now the beds are perfect for the cats and the cats love their beds.

Any word? I want to order but not sure what size I need…

Just got the info:

Small: 19" x 15" x 5.5"
Medium: 23" x 18" x 5.5"
Large: 26" x 21" x 6.5"
X-Large: 30" x 27" x 6.5"
Jumbo: 29" x 42" x 6.5"

The other option is putting an entire rotisserie chicken in it. The cat will be thrilled, though your house would smell like a KFC dumpster.

I don’t see where you select the size when ordering. Is this only available in one size? If so, which?

Each sale has a dropdown selection on it’s sale page (located on the left side of the sale)

I bought one of these. I’m pretty sure that’s an 8 lb beagle in the picture. My 22 lb beagle loves the concept but can’t possibly fit inside the cave, though she’s tried.

Is the Jumbo bed large enough for a Great Dane? Thinking about getting one for my brother’s dog.

I would love to get one for my older corgi, but my 18 mo old mutt thinks all dog beds are possessed by demons who must be released from their prison. Maybe next year when she has calmed down a bit. haha