PAW Pet Products

Pets.woot. An idea whose time has come.

I can get some of this stuff cheaper on Amazon with my Prime shipping.

I long for the days when Woot had actual deals and not just Amazon cast offs.

I bought the pet cave on Tanga last week and didn’t notice that the beagle was photo-shopped onto the bed. Our beagle is much too large so this was a fail.

Mixed reviews on the PAW Scram Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser on amazon.

I almost was willing to give it a try at that price but the reviews are not very promising. Anyone try this before?

Agreed. Also food.woot so the wine.woot and the food items are separated. Since you brought it up. :slight_smile:

Just the base price is cheaper on Amazon. And if you have Amazon prime on top of it for shipping, its much cheaper.

Woot FAIL!

I’ve been looking for a pet staircase for a while, but it looks like the mother-ship has an identical one (albeit without hokey pawprint decals) for a lower base price (and free shipping).

Oh well.

I have the pet cave. My cat loves it! He loves to go burrowing in it and then snooze.
It fits him comfortably, so I would think this would need to be for either a cat or a small dog.

I was thinking that dog looked photoshopped onto the bed. I was tempted to get it for my dog but wasn’t sure how large it was. I’m sure it will be big enough (she weighs 13 pounds).

Does the pet scram thing work on birds?

This works on birds.

I don’t know about this Potty Trainer, but I bought another brand (for way too much - I wish I’d paid this price instead). It worked well for my needs: training a puppy who was living in an indoor pen, but teaching him to eventually go outside on the grass.

Now, the puppy in the photo is adorable. But, seriously? Photoshopping the puppy onto the product? What, no dogs could be convinced to actually sit on it?

My dog sits on that water fountain and it cleans his butt. I guess he likes it.

Sigh, 120 lb weight limit for the steps. Once again giant breeds are dissed. My two 180 lb Great Danes would love a nice set of steps to help them get in bed with us since they are getting older now and they don’t want to jump in.

We have two beagles and I almost made the same mistake so I feel your pain!

That sucks. I looked again and you’re right - that dog is WAY too big to fit in this bed in the real world. My dog would love the ‘cave’ but if I found one he fit into, it would take up my entire living room.

“Does this soft sided pet carrier make me look single?”

Bwahaha…too bad I live in one of those “stick in the mud” states.