Pay one time per day for shipping????

Anyone know about this? I thought woot only charged $5 once per day for multiple orders.

I ordered something, then went back for more but in check out they show shipping charge again.

I’m not a Woot! staffer, but the distinction is it’s $5 shipping for everything in your cart when you check out.

Once you check out and start a new cart, it’s a whole new shipment.

To quote Woot!:

*One $5 charge covers standard shipping to a single address for everything in your cart.

That’s right. Your five bucks buys you standard shipping for your entire order, as long as it’s all going to the same address.

That goes for any order, of any size, from any site in the Wootosphere. Buy from Woot, then grab a new tee at Shirt.Woot. Shop for the kids at Kids.Woot and yourself at Home.Woot. One $5 charge ships it all.

Expedited shipping costs more, of course. And if you want your stuff shipped to multiple addresses, you’ll have to break those into different orders. But one order, one address? One shipping charge. Easy, right?*

I see that now. I remember seeing (awhile ago) that it was for anything you ordered that same day. I contacted support but they say they will respond in a day or two; which doesn’t really help if you are having trouble with something you are trying to buy today.