Payment Problem from Woot shirt

hi, Woot

I’m having trouble paying for the past two months, why am I not being paid the right amount? I have a screenshot of sales proof, I also sent an email last month to but they only replied

"Hi, those may have not been reconciled before the close of the month, look for those sales in the next payments . "

it turned out that this month I got a lot less payment from the sale of my t-shirt, I was very sad because of this, I experienced it 2 times and it was not a small amount, but the evidence I included was not believed it seemed, they had the wrong record

because last year, i experienced the same thing, but all was lost because they gave a note from “excel”, which showed the record from sales statistics was wrong, the correct one from their “excel”.

i hope this can resolve on this week, not waiting next month again.

Hi there. I sent a note to the shirt team.

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i hope they contact me, and resolve this, thanks

I have a similar problem. According to my calculations, I should get almost 1.5 times what I was sent.

Could you please send a message regarding my case as well?

Thank You in advance.


Hi, we will look into this!

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yes, thank you

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Same issue here. Was paid less than half of what I should have gotten.


I’ve been having trouble getting woot shirts to even notice my designs for the past 11 years. Do you think I should submit one to them?

What about your salestats pages? All of mine are gone and I can’t access them anymore. Gettin’ that page.

Go into the url and delete the shirt title…should get the page to load.

Holy…it worked! Thank You.

That’s what I thought…after recounting, it turns out that I got half as much money as I should.

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Should we send an e-mail to artistpayments @ amazon . com or wait here for any reply?

hi @randalma , hi, is there any progress on this issue? Until now I have not received an email

ok case closed, i just know if sales statistic can’t be a reference payment, which means any cancelled and returned orders would not be counted toward my royalties, so sad to hear that but its ok

We need an “Estimated Earnings” page or something like that. I can understand few cancelled orders, but 50% of them?


Anyway, still waiting for the response to my e-mail.