Payment problem last two months

Hi, I hope you’re ok.

It seems to be some issue with my latest months payments. I used to receive payments monthly until last November. Then I didn’t get any in December or January.

I emailed ‘’ a week ago but didn’t have any answer.

Would you please check and let me know?

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

the artistpayment box has been deprecated and no longer monitored; if you need any payment support, please email “

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I also had some payment problems, but it turned out to be the problem with my credit card. I could pay for my orders with the credit card that is assigned to my account. I made this stupid mistake and attached my credit card to my account instead of re-entering them all the time. So, someone either hacked my credit card details or my account, but I couldn’t pay with my card anywhere. The bank noticed some suspicious activity and blocked all my online orders on some websites.
Lately, I’ve run into some info about chargeback prevention services, and it helps protect your account and might help you with disputes with your bank.