Payment question: Does everything go through Pay Pal?

Hi fellow Woot customers and fans,

Does anyone here know if one chooses payment via credit card instead of Pay Pal, does the transaction still go through Pay Pal or not? I really need to know before today’s Woot deal is gone.

I had issues with Pay Pal 11 years ago over some bank fees incurred by their services, so I terminated my account with them after arguing with their customer service for 3-4 months. I would prefer NOT to do business with Pay Pal ever again which is why I would like to know. I can’t find any information on the website about this though. PLEASE HELP!



if you use a credit card or bank card, it processes just like any other credit card or bank card transaction, doesn’t use paypal at all.

Hi Mavyn,

Thanks for the reply. I know Pay Pal also takes credit cards, which is why I’m wondering whether Woot processes their credit card transactions through Pay Pal or not as well. If Pay Pal processes their transactions, Pay Pal profits from the transaction, so I still need to know if it goes through Pay Pal or not.


I have no PayPal account, never have. Just use a credit card. For a long time, Woot didn’t take PayPal.

Hi pooflady,

Now that makes me a feel a bit better that the transaction won’t go through Pay Pal if they’ve had another credit card service beforehand. On the other hand, they could have switched everything to Pay Pal too. Right now, you don’t need a Pay Pal account to pay through Pay Pal too. I just wish Woot would say something about it on their website though. It’s not in their FAQ or anything, and believe me, I searched! Thanks again for the info!