Paypal asks Creditcard?

Need help!

I have a Maestro card and want to pay with Paypal, but i need to choose a creditcard between Mastercard, Visa and American express. Since i dont have a creditcard, what option can I do to buy woot shirts. I live in The Netherlands.

Can someone reply me soon, before random shirt sell out. Thx

first, a disclaimer: i am clueless. i hope someone knowledgeable will come along and help. have you tried emailing woot directly to ask your question? you mite try, they seem pretty helpful, although i don’t know if this is the best address to try.

i read that you want to pay with paypal, but don’t know how onerous using your debit card is. have considered using your maestro card directly to pay for the shirt? i think maestro is owned by mastercard, so perhaps you could try selecting mastercard and pay with your maestro card? unless you’ve already tried that…

I would definitely try selecting Mastercard and paying directly with the Maestro card. I, too, am largely clueless (and I also don’t know much about this payment issue, HEY-OOOO!), but I do know that Maestro is absolutely owned by Mastercard, and that my mother is always able to use her Mastercard debit card in Maestro-only ATMs abroad. So I would like to think that a Maestro would then logically work like a Mastercard over here in reciprocity? I dunno. Like no1 suggested, try it if you haven’t already.


You need to talk to PayPal, there’s no way that we can be completely sure what option they would want you to choose.

I can’t pay, because i don’t have a creditcard, but i have a debitcard(Maestro). To get a creditcard(MasterCard) I need to be 18years old, so no woot shirts for me :frowning:

Thx for your comments.

you cant put money into a paypal account with it? :chaching:

I can, but i can’t add a visa, master card and that’s what shirt.woot needs from paypal.

did you try paying directly to woot (skipping paypal altogether) from your maestro card and selecting as “mastercard”? as a noted poster noted previously, maestro-only atms apparently accept mastercard, since they are the same company, so a reciprocal arrangement may work.

I do know from previous threads here that in order to use paypal it must be connected to an approved card, that is why this system doesn’t work. Although I guess a truly enterprising person could “convince” someone with a full card to assist in the paypal issue, possibly.

These are all old conversations, so my comment may be superfluous, but: 1. PayPal has both a debit and credit card available. 2. Any card that can be used for general payments (e.g., not a store card) should be usable as a credit or debit card. If it doesn’t specifically say MasterCard or Visa on it, just look for the logo–MasterCard has the Venn diagram/blue-and-red intersecting circles, while Visa has the black and gold stripes (top and bottom), respectively, to identify the type of major card.