Paypal Aternative

this might help you buyers/sellers if you don’t have a paypal

i was at dealcatcher forums when i saw that there was a link that said “earn 25 dollars”
naturally i’m skeptical, but curious, turns out it was a link to this relatively new paypal-like service, Revolution Money Exchange (RME)
so i click the link and find out its basically like paypal, but has NO withdrawal fees and is free to use+you get $25 for signing up before april 15th!
again, i’m still skeptical as anything that involves my SSN does so, but i google the site and find multiple sites/blogs/forums (i trust forums the most as they’re hard to make up) that all talk about it and how easy it is to use

so as of now, i’ve basically withdrawn everything i have in my paypal and into my RME account
theres a referral bonus of $10 to the referrer but unfortunately you can only do it through email
however, if you pm your email for my referral i’ll split the $10 50/50, so you’ll have $30 when your approved
can buy you something from woot!

I’m not so sure you’re allowed to make a post advertising a service on these boards.

Wha…? You mean the Pope’s no longer in charge?