PayPal: Not able to pay using existing balance


I’ve got 20 $ as PayPal balance but I’m still not able to authorize my account or to buy a shirt. After I logged into my PayPal account I’m asked to use a credit card - but I haven’t got one and to be honest, what is PayPal good for if I still need one?

Has anyone else got this problem? Does someone have a solution or hint?


you should email woot or post this in world of woot. you will be more likely to get a helpful response. I don’t use paypal, so I’m not sure


Thanks for your hint! I’ve found someone having the same problem there:


Your paypal account has to be a verified account.


It is definitely verified (used a bank account).


sorry, then, that was the only thing I could think of.



I’m thinking that if you got on to PayPal that it is a problem with PayPal at that point. However, if someone else is also having the problem…

Woot will be back in the office tomorrow. Refer to the other customer problem in your email.


I am having the same problem here. I am using a verified PayPal account attached to my bank account.

Whenever I try to order a shirt it asks me to add a credit card.


Do you use the free account or does it subtract a given amount from all your deposits to your paypal (I can’t remember what that account is called). It is possible you are out of your free transactions for the month. You might check with your paypal account policy. It doesn’t seem like a woot problem, but if paypal says it is, is usually really helpful.


Which site is asking for the credit card? Woot or PayPal? If it’s PayPal, look at what KtC mentioned above.

If it’s Woot, check your order page to make sure you have all the right areas marked.


I am using a free account and this would be my second transaction this month. I have been using PayPal in this manner for years and have never had this sort of problem before.

If woot allowed me to send the payment to an E-mail address I am certain I’d be able to complete the transaction without any problems.


Good point, didn’t even think of that. There are selection buttons on the order screen. Silly me.


To answer your question. I have the paypal box checked and all the information concerning the recipient is filled out. After I click the button that says “this info is correct” it sends me to PayPal where I am asked to add a credit card.


That sounds like a PayPal issue unfortunately. I’m no expert, just a humble opinion.


Contacted their customer support on this. We’ll see how this turns out.



Ah-ha! No1 is the expert!


Right, but if you have a verified PayPal account backed by a bank account payment goes through directly just as it would when an account is backed by a credit card.

Whenever I pay with PayPal, payment is transferred from my bank account within a few days. However, the actual transfer online is instant. The transfer is done directly and payment is immediately received.

Am I to conclude on this that because I am not in possesion of a credit card, I am unable to pay here?


i would guess so, unless woot changes its paypal requirements.


I am having the exact same problem
I would really like that B-boy bowser shirt, and I have MORE than enough money in my bank account verified PayPal account, however it always takes me to the page where it says I must add a credit card, I have no credit card but I wants shirt! What can I do?