I’m kinf of stoopid with my paypal knowledge.
I have a paypal account that I have never used. I do not have it verified with a bank account or credit card. If someone needed to pay me to my paypal account can they still do that with it not being verified?
Also, when I am asked for my paypal e-mail address, does this mean the e-mail address that I have associated with it, or is this something you get once you are verified?

People can still pay you even if you don’t have it tied to anything else – you just keep the money in paypal until you use it – and they would do so with the e-mail address you have associated with it.

Thanks! I had e-mailed paypal with those questions and all they would do is give me a stock answer telling me how to verify my account.

It’s good to add your bank account so you can transfer money out of your Paypal account into your bank account if you wanted. It’s a very easy process too, enter in your account details, Paypal will deposit a random amount, once it’s deposited, enter the amount they deposited on Paypal and you’re verified! So you actually get a few cents to verify your account :smiley: