Oh the possibilities!

If you say the title in a radio announcer voice followed by the phrase, “in the mornings here on KDVR!” it sounds like an ad for a morning chat show.

As long as it isn’t made with grape jelly.

Not my favorite sandwich, but I love the colors of this shirt.

The background colors only add to the §eanut (B)utter and (J)elly.

… and now I want a sandwich for dinner!

Instant classic.

Where’s the bread?

Would that be a Narfsandwich?

If that’s the case, I want a ManHandwich (not Manwich, that mess is nasty). :slight_smile:

By ManHandwich I mean Dave’s 21 grain thin sliced bread with homemade marionberry freezer jam and creamy Jif peanut butter.

Even better; homemade peanut butter.

It does sound good, though.

Yeah, I haven’t picked up any from the market recently. I’m left with what I bought for baking through the holidays! I also really love almond butter, but that doesn’t go with this shirt.

§am (B)easly & (J)im?


Too lazy for homemade when I have a Winco nearby.

(not my video, but you get the point)

You guys are reading my mind. I’ve been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for this past week and I feel like this is a sign.

No signs. Just a shirt.

Anyone else see a rearing purple horse in the middle? The front hoof is pretty well defined.

mmmm… PBJ. Congrats on the print, Kevin!

Congrats Kevin on the print… love me some pb&j.

If you’re getting homemade peanut butter from the market, then it isn’t homemade. :wink: