PB and Jellyfish

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ROFL Absolutely great!!! Grats to grafxx99 for his print!

interesting design. gonna get all those phallic minded people up in arms quickly, I predict. :slight_smile:

too fishy for me

Why a dark shirt? Why? It’s summer!

lol, entertaining shirt
very cute

I actually really like this one… hmm…

ok this one is really really temping. Do I order it now, or rest on it? (I like how its on Navy and not black) Also I <3 Peanut butter and Jellyfish sandwiches :wink:

humorous, but i can’t see myself in a black shirt in the summer. why not make a light blue version?

and by black, i meant dark navy

really!?! such a waste of PB…

Interesting to note the relatively weak sales of the non-derby shirts and comments about wooters’ budgets and filled closets. I hope woot has ordered some long-sleeved shirts and maybe hoodies or sweatpants for the fall. Maybe a front/back derby (one color each?) or something else new and original to goose interest and sales.

You just had to go & beat me to the punch didn’t you :slight_smile:

I love peanut butter (obviously) but this shirt doesn’t do it for me…too dark.

tank tops would be awesome for summer, imo

LOL! This is strangely appealing. I love the colors and it’s a fun design, too. Hmmm… I foresee another tshirt purchase tonight. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the printing!

First thing that came to mind, sadly =(

Okay, I bought one. Come on, everybody, all the “cool people” will be wearing this one.
Peer pressure, peer pressure.

definitely a step in the right direction… will sleep on it, ride my bike to work and heavily consider ordering this in the morning