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Heads up to anyone thinking about the Buffalo WZR-1166DHP… the USB storage option does not accept drives that are NTFS formatted. Not listed in the specs, but is on page 99 of the manual. How does a current tech device that supports USB 3 not support NTFS? I have a drive already in use with well over 750g as a network storage device, bought this to replace a belkin on which the wifi was starting to get flaky. I did not want to have to format a 2t drive to FAT and lose my data nor take the time to do it. Not thrilled, but use this as a wap and turned wifi off on my main router. it works.

should one trust his data to a “reconditioned” HDD - especially a NAS that will pretty much run 24/7 and has no redundancy?
thoughts / experience with this class of WD drives?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, most of the prices are just about the same over at the main Amazon site, and you get free 2 day shipping! So why would one buy from Woot if they’re a Prime-just saying

In my experience, WD external drives are “green” drives inside the case, and don’t last long.

My only experience was that I had one die after 9 months of use. Since I wanted to make sure that the actual drive had died, and not the hardware to connect it, I pulled it open (invalidating the warranty) and it was the drive.

I have since used the enclosure to hold a 4 TB WD Red drive, and it has been going just fine, since then. BUT, I power up that drive, only when I need it.

I’ve also got 2 other 1 TB Green drives, that run flawlessly. One is hard-wired into my computer, the other is in an HDD dock, and is powered up as needed. The docked one is a back-up for the other green drive, and is powered up as needed. (Much like the 4TB drive in the exterior enclosure, that is powered up to back up my 2TB main drive.)

Of course, YMMV.


I just ordered 3, to let my neighbors piggy-back off of my internet connection.

I will also use them to install W7 updates, on computers after I build them. (My building station is in a different room than my main rig, this is easier than running wires.) And, yes. Using wireless on a laptop, without the drivers is a pain, if you can’t access the 'net.


I was hyped to read this and went to look up the Das Keyboard that is on sale here, but alas, it is $125 on the big A. :frowning:

Still mulling over whether getting this one (MX Red) or waiting for MX Brown to come back around on another Woot sale.

I have two of the Model S Quiet Das Keyboards at work and I love them. If you’re in a cubicle environment you wouldn’t want to go any louder. Separate office with closed door or work from home? Sure, go for the louder ones.

Does anyone have experience with the Lenovo Windows mouse pad? Is it anything like the Apple Magic TrackPad?

FYI: The steelseries WoW mouse is $39.99 w/free shipping on other sites.

Also, I’m ready to buy a gaming mouse Woot. Show me some mice! (not this one)

Anyone have any opinions on the mouse with the camera? Seems like an interesting concept.

CENTON 256GB USB 3.0 flash drive is not very fast write. Transferring a 17GB file shows a sustained transfer rate of only 30MB/s, compared to a Team Extreem 128GB on the same port reporting a sustained rate of 110MB/s.

I ordered these, and they were shipped in the same box as this;


However, the 20 inch package was in a 35 inch long 6X6 box, along with 2 of these;

There was also a piece of paper. NO other packaging.


The torque wrench had beaten its way out of the packaging, but FORTUNATELY, the wireless adapters cam through unscathed.

Someone SERIOUSLY needs to look at packaging and shipping here.

My ordering has tapered off since Snapster sold out to the “Mothership.” Care to guess why?


I’m sorry to hear about your order, Steve. Have you emailed [email]support@woot.com[/emai] already? If not, please do and keep us updated on how things go.

My goods not delivered.


Please be aware that standard shipping on items is usually 3-8 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that). We ask that you allow a couple more days for your item(s) to ship.

We recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates/activity by July 30th please email support@woot.com and let them know.