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saw the World of Warcraft mouse in the bargain bin at Walmart a couple days ago for 25.00 they can’t even give them away at that price.

For anyone considering the Innergie power adapter, I bought one a while back. Once they sent me the proper tip for my ultrabook (an ASUS UX32VD), it’s been working great. Took it across the pond to the UK and it performed like a champ even on the different voltage spec.

Wouldn’t a 2MP camera be terrible for taking notes from anywhere other than right in front of the board? And even then…

Is the bluetooth keyboard only for the iPad? I am looking for one for a smart tv. Thanks

It’s bluetooth, so it should work with any bluetooth enabled device. I’ve never seen a TV that had bluetooth for connecting a keyboard, so make sure your TV is capable of doing that.

The price on the drive is terrible. That’s almost retail price for a regular speed x_x I’m sure being a “green”/echo friendly, that’s roughly the price it was retail. Comparing on newegg, for $30-40 more you can get a drive at 7200RPM and 64mb cache.

I bought one of the iGO adapters new off Woot (I think it was $25) and use it daily at the office. A quick Google search shows the lowest price for this is about $25-$30 new, and they have a newer model out there running for $50. The removable tips stay on good, which was an initial worry of mine.

You really can’t beat it for the price, and the added USB port for charging is convenient for charging your phone. It’s got a 90-day warranty so if something is going to mess up, it’ll be within the first three months.

Bought a BLUE wireless mouse. Got a RED one. Woot seems to be color blind.

Eek, sorry, if you haven’t already, use the support tab at the top of the page to contact CS- surely we’ll be able to help you.