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For anyone who is planning on buying the Das Keyboard with MX Red switches, I would HIGHLY advise you to look into moreinformation on Mechanical Keyboard switches before putting down the money. MX Reds are typically used by gamers due to the lower amount of force needed to register input, but it can be extremely awkward to use as an everyday browsing keyboard. It does not have the same force feedback of an MX Brown or Clear nor the Clickyness of an MX Blue or Green.

If you feel at all unsure about making a purchase on your first mechanical keyboard, I would very much encourage you to check out one of the Keyboard switch testers available on sites like Amazon, WASD keyboards or similar. Here is one that I bought a couple of weeks back. Originally I had my heart set on MX Browns because of the purported tactical feel and silent nature of the switches because I wanted to use it in a crowded office, but when I actually tried it I realized I absolutely HATED the way it felt in comparison to MX Clears and Greens.

I was really glad I had the tester to use beforehand for a small price to pay, because the keyboard I was planning on purchasing was upwards of 160$ and would take many, many days to arrive, be repackaged and have a new one sent out…and then hope that the next one that they send would feel more pleasant to the touch.

If the below link is to be believed the video card release price in 2011 was less then the current woot price

For anyone considering buying that style of graphics card, I would have to advise against it. When I started working at this place a year ago, about half of the computers used that style of card. I can say that I have seen more graphics issues with the adapters and cards in the last year here than I have in the previous 7 years combined (and then some).

Yes, my experience is anecdotal but I feel strongly enough about them that I had to log in to share.

edit: When I say half of the machines here, that equates to about 30 desktop machines that had them, and roughly half of those have had issues over the last year in some form or another.