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The power supply has good reviews on Amazon.

Its semi modular, which is pretty good, but what im wondering how good it is considering its Factory reconditioned and woot is notorious for having bad reconditions.

The speakers are $75 on Amazon.


Does this power supply have the 8 prong plug for the motherboard?

Great power supply. You can’t go wrong with Corsair; I use them almost exclusively for PSUs in my builds (they also have some nice cases, among other things).

That said, they have better ones available. Be sure to research your requirements ahead of time to ascertain which model gets you most value for the price.

Experience of others I know is good. Corsair has high quality standards. They can be problematic if you have an issue and need a RMA - due to language, staffing and similar issues - so it is best if you can go through the site you purchased from. But from what I’ve seen the unit should be reliable, with possible failure rate close to that you’d get for all new units.